Last Minute Gifts For Your Favorite Solo Female Traveler (That Aren’t Safety-Related)


Despite that fact that the majority of travelers are women, and many of those women are opting to take solo sojourns, we’ve noticed a strange (and annoying and patronizing and maybe even sexist) pattern in gift guides and how-tos geared toward female travelers. There’s no shortage of tips (even books) on traveling safely as a woman. And that has bled over into the world of gift guides: instead of offering the best travel tech and gear on the market, many guides geared toward women are all about safety.

If the typical gift guide is to be believed, women need to stock up on safety equipment as if a backpacking trip to Rome is akin to entering a war zone: satellite phones, crossbody purses, clothing that can hide 17 passports, door stops fortified with alarms (not joking). Not that some of the gear isn’t useful, but women want gadgets and fun things, too. You know, stuff that will actually be useful when you’re not spending every waking minute fending off attackers. When doing some last-minute shopping for your significant other, child, parent, friend, partner, acquaintance, person-you-barely-know, second-time Bumble date, remember: chances are she’s already done the safety research. Instead, get her excited about her trip with these inspired gifts of adventure.