The Purple Drink Is Over, There’s Now A ‘Secret’ Blue Drink At Starbucks

First Starbucks had a viral hit on its hands with the Pink Drink. Then everyone found out about the Purple Drink and went crazy on that for a while. Now, a new color of secret drink has arrived. It’s blue, it’s fruity, and it’s come to rock your taste buds.

The Blue Drink actually isn’t that much different from the Purple Drink. If you’ll recall, the former is concocted of passion iced tea with vanilla syrup, blackberries, and either coconut milk or soy milk. Blue Drink, then, is made of passion iced tea, vanilla syrup, and soy milk. Leave out the blackberries and apparently everything changes and the world is not the same anymore. Or something like that.

With the creation of the Pink, Blue, and Purple Drinks, it looks like we’ve only got Orange, Yellow, and Green left before we have a veritable rainbow of secret Starbucks drinks. Except… Except…Instagram user @lovetram’s shot of her squad’s colorful sips makes it evident that the Yellow Drink is the only one missing from the mix. Does Starbucks sell chamomile tea for us to stir in soy milk and Splenda? Will we have to start adding coconut milk to our lemonade? Someone, please solve this for us ASAP. We want to be able to taste the rainbow!