The Woman Who Chased Her Dreams To The Top Of A Mountain…Then Jumped

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There’s a granola bar company, I won’t say which company, but you know this company. This company has a logo of a man climbing a mountain. This company hired some of the best mountain climbers in the world as spokespeople for their product. This company hired Steph Davis, because she is unarguably in that group.

Then this company fired Steph Davis, because the way she climbed mountains was so extreme, so dangerous, so spiteful to every sense of human logic and self-preservation that she made them feel uncomfortable.

And the granola bar company was right; the way Steph Davis climbs mountains is goddamn terrifying.

Steph Davis doesn’t just climb the tallest, the most difficult, the most dangerous mountains on Earth. Steph Davis climbs those mountains without ropes or carabiners or any of the other equipment that makes something as fundamentally unreasonable as mountain climbing at least somewhat reasonable. She climbs those mountains with nothing more than pointy shoes and calloused fingers and a fanny pack full of chalk. And when she reaches the top of those mountains, she jumps off. First, she jumped with a parachute; later, she soon flew off those mountains on nylon wings.

With every video of Steph Davis that I watched, one thing became increasingly clear: this woman isn’t just a mountain climber, she isn’t just a daredevil, she isn’t just a failed granola bar spokeswoman; Steph Davis is an actual action hero.

This woman right here. The one who looks like a college writing professor. The one who also happens to have been a college writing professor. This woman is an action hero.

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