The Stories Behind These Photos Might Make You Look At Your Own Pictures Differently

12.08.15 3 years ago

“A photograph is a secret of a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.” — Diane Arbus

A captivating photograph raises questions, but gives no answers. The nature of this medium allows us the opportunity to witness a fraction of a second from someone else’s world. We’re left to mull over the details (both visible and implied) and fill in the gaps of the story. What happened just before an image was taken? What happened immediately after? Was this image one of those happy accidents whose value wasn’t realized until much later, or was it meticulously planned and shot time and time again until it was captured perfectly?

Is it an observation of the external or an analysis of what lies inside?

Some photographs make us wish we were there, others leave us grateful for being anywhere else. Some photographs tell a full story, others leave us wanting more. This time around, we wanted more, so we asked.

Why is this image important?

Photographers Rich PearceBaldemar FierroOlivia McManus, Aidan Lynn-Klimenko and Parker Hilton (the author) all answered that exact question in order to shed light on some of the finer details of their photos.

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