Looking Back At A Magical Moment In Street Art History

11.17.16 3 years ago

In these troubled times, street art is more vital than ever. We rely on muralists and taggers to give voice to the issues of the common people, and to share their ideas in ways that feel accessible to us all. They work in the medium of the moment, creating beauty in the unlikeliest spaces and challenging us to think deeply about the world. One artist, one message, has the power to uplift people. In short: Art matters.

This is clearly evident in the newly released book, Eleven Spring: A Celebration Of Street Artwhich tells the story of taggers, muralists, and paste-up makers taking over a building in 2006, in Manhattan’s Nolita. The collective included now famous names like JR and longtime art world star Shepard Fairey. It was a celebration of the space and the evolution of the neighborhood and, in a testament to the fleeting nature of street art, was all but erased the day after the installation ended.

We sat down with one of the books creators, Sara Schiller, to discuss why this moment in time was important and what it says about ever-changing nature of NYC.

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