Let This Street Artist’s Murals Inspire You To Live Your Dreams

Ivan Preciado has been spraying paint on walls most of his life. He’s bold with his colors and his can strokes. That boldness has led to a life as a legit street artist, with his murals sought after far and wide. That success didn’t come from giving up — or letting someone else set the rules. It came from perseverance, talent, and will. Preciado spent year after year, tag after tag, mural after mural leveling up. He chased the dream of making a life from his art. He didn’t let that slip away. And, now, he’s creating the art he wants to create, and doing it on his terms.

Partnering with Brisk, Preciado decided to move his art off the city streets and embrace a more rural experience by painting murals in the California wilds. Preciado found a new backdrop for his work: A barn perched perfectly against the backdrop of verdant mountains on his property. The new location tempered his art and gave a counterpoint to the usual hustle and bustle of the city streets. In the wilds, Preciado is still able to let the paint float onto the surfaces and the strokes are as brash and deep. But the context is different and the piece is striking in its boldness.