This Young Street Artist Is Changing The Game One Mural At A Time

As a boy, Ivan Preciado was so excited about street art that he never hesitated to get into a little mischief for the sake of his passion. He’d just couldn’t resist the lure of expressing himself through paint. Preciado didn’t let precedent or societal norms stand in the way of his hustle. He took risks. He focused up. And, now, he’s changing the game one mural at a time.

“I had to do it,” he says of his early career, painting and drawing on any open space he could find. “I didn’t even want to do it. I would just be scribbling in text books.”

These days, Preciado has mastered the world of street art and spends his time running up and down the Californian coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles. At every stop, he’s able to leave his distinct mark — like a like a masterful, paint-spraying troubadour. His style evokes the classic graffiti of the 70s and 80s scenes across inner-city New York and Los Angeles, remixed with a modern flair. His colors pop and his lines are clean.

Perciado has the will and talent to turn the ordinary — and even the derelict — into something extraordinary, with his acute sense of form, style, and color. He chases a dream of turning the old new and the battered beautiful, with his eye-popping street art.

Stay tuned to see the mural that he creates in this partnership with Brisk.