Taco Bell Is Raring To Feed You Nacho Chips Made Of Fried Chicken

Taco Bell has blessed/cursed the world with some strange sh*t over the years. From cheese-soaked burritos to jalapeno-infused grub, the fast-food giant has certainly cornered the late-night munchies market. But the mad scientists at T-Bell headquarters are not done toying with our taste buds. No, they’re now testing out chicken “tortilla” chips.

Looks weird. Seems weird. Probably tastes “okay.”

The fast-food chain has already seen success with its fried-chicken taco shells, so now they’re working harder than ever to use chicken in a more genius way. This time, Taco Bell’s cutting the meat into triangle shapes and deep frying it into chips (or as close as they can get). The Crispy Chicken Chips, which are basically chicken tenders, are being tested now, and considering what a novel — if impractical — idea the brand has on its hands, it’s likely that the chicken chips will soon join the Cheesy Core burrito and walking nachos at your local store.

Business Insider reports this is a move by Taco Bell to contend more strongly with Chik-fil-A in the ongoing battle for your hard-earned poultry-purchasing dollar, and it’s a win-win for the chain, as the chicken chips are cheap to make, and will likely impress the company’s hardcore fans looking for something new and exciting to eat at 2 a.m. Insert weed joke in the comments.

(Via Eater and Business Insider)