Taco Bell Rights Every Wrong By Bringing Nacho Fries To America


For many years, Americans have suffered a great injustice: Nacho fries, available at Taco Bells the world over were not available in The United States, where, as everyone knows, we love nothing more than putting cheese on something (and then sometimes shooting it with a gun) (pew pew pew!).

Fortunately, that’s all changing. As 2016 dies and is reborn as 2017, Taco Bell has decided to grace all of us with reasonably priced “loaded fries.” The dish is being tested in southern California and will soon (hopefully) take over the entire country, bringing us together in peace and harmony. And bringing Ted Cruz more of that queso he so desperately loves.


From Brand Eating:

The new fries can be ordered alone or topped (“Loaded”) like Taco Bell’s Nacho Supreme, only without the beans.

The fries look to be selling at a price to encourage sampling: It’s only 50 cents for just the fries (75 cents if you want a cup of nacho cheese to go with), $1 for the Supreme fries, and $2 for the Bell Grande fries (which like the corresponding nachos, is simply a larger-sized order). It’s unlikely they’ll be quite that cheap if they make it to the national stage.

There’s only one way to respond to this news and it’s with a hearty “hell yes” followed by a trip to a participating location where you can eat your weight in golden fried potatoes topped with habanero sauce that’s spicy, but like not that spicy, you know?

Anyway, if buying these fries until they’re sold out — “GET MORE FROM THE BACK,” we’ll shout — means that we’ll be one step closer to bringing them nationwide, then it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.