Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa Is Already Being Discontinued

Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chalupa is about to stripped from the menu and paraded to wherever discontinued fast food options wind up. (An abandoned Hardee’s maybe?) Such is the high stakes game of decadent chain eating experiments. And no, Big Cardiology isn’t behind the de-nakeding of your chicken chalupa.

The Orange County Register reports that Taco Bell will be pulling the heavily hyped culinary item in March. This news may wreak havoc on your St. Patrick’s Day hangover recovery strategy, but according to a spokesperson for the chain this chalupa yank (not a sex thing) shouldn’t be a major surprise. The Naked Chicken Chalupa has lasted roughly as long as other limited time offers. That status also inspires hope among us shameless gluttons that it’s destined to return from time-to-time like the McRib or an estranged biological parent. Seeing as Taco Bell is a soft touch for trotting out new fare, several more experiments are likely around the corner.

The bigger changes awaiting Taco Bell customers are of the more permanent variety. The Register notes that the Bell will be following through with its “New Year’s Resolutions” of ditching its XL soda cups, removing “all antibiotics important to human medicine from its chicken” and a push into 2018 of removing food additives and preservatives. It’s not quite as flashy as introducing a new fried chicken aided food to shove in your pothole, but it’s a sensible strategy for Taco Bell to roll with from a “branding” perspective. Live slightly less mas, essentially.

(Via Orange County Register)