Watch The First-Ever Taco Bell Actually Make A Run For The Border, And Now You’ve Seen Everything

11.20.15 3 years ago

You remember what it was like when you first ate Taco Bell? When a warm, gooey, cheesy meat packet was stuffed down your gullet to your stomach’s content? Well, nostalgia is circling the international taco vendor because on Friday morning, the restaurant chain uprooted its original store — dubbed “Numero Uno” — and actually sent it towards the border of California to be plopped in the Taco Bell headquarters parking lot.

Pockets of people lined the California streets this week to see the first-ever Taco Bell move its way from Downey to Irvine on the back of a flat-bed truck. With a sign screaming “Save Taco Bell,” the small building was saved from being demolished by a wrecking ball and will now reside at the Taco Bell HQ until likely plans for a museum are finalized. “Numero Uno” first began operating in 1962, but stopped servicing its meaty madness in 1986.

The building has been vacant since then, but now it shall live in infamy as millions will flock to its new location to pray at the walls from which bevies of beans would flow. If all goes according to plan, “Numero Uno” will only be second to the Holy Mecca as the number-one travel destination for all of mankind.

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