Explore South America For 180 Days, Without Quitting Your Job

09.17.16 3 years ago


If you’re travel obsessed and your days are starting to feel like the first 30 minutes of Office Space, then it’s time to quit and go off the grid. If, however, you’re travel obsessed and working in a stimulating career that you really love, it’s easy to feel torn in two. Allow us to introduce The Nomads Cowork, a community of remote workers exploring South America for 180 days. It’s the perfect cure to all those #tbt semester abroad photos you’ve been posting.

In January 2017 The Nomads Cowork will take a group of 30 digital nomads on a 180 day trip through South America spending six weeks in a major city of four different countries: Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile. The Nomads Cowork will secure accommodations, co-working spaces, transportation and lunch five days a week. Stellar Wi-Fi is such a high priority, it’s part of how the program chose their cities.

Most importantly, the Nomads Cowork team is committed to providing personal and professional growth to each participant. The program will include tours from locals and customized networking, social and entertainment activities. If you’re a digital nomad who’s passionate about dance, they’ll schedule lessons in each city. If you want to learn more about how your industry operates in South America, they’ll make it happen.

The program is limited to 30 people so that organizers can get to know each participant individually and get involved in their projects to offer support, feedback and local opportunities. Two full-time team members will travel with the community to curate group discussions, adventures and nights out.

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