Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Scores The Hotly Contested Seven-Layer-Dip World Record

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Maybe you didn’t know this, but there is a new Guinness World Record for the largest 7-layer dip. Yes, the magical combination of sour cream, re-friend beans, guacamole, cheese, olives and salsa has reached a new pinnacle of awesomeness. Obviously, this record couldn’t have been broken by a mere mortal.

That’s why Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Seven Bucks Studios created this munchable monstrosity.

It was perfectly timed since yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, a day full of cheesy dips and belly-busting appetizers. If you didn’t already, the star of The Tooth Fairy has a YouTube Studio — which filmed the whole stunt and put it online. After more than five hours of painstaking preparation, the 540-pound 7-layer behemoth was completed.

“It was exciting to see the passion that went into creating something so fun and extraordinary. I’m delighted to welcome Seven Bucks Digital Studios to the Guinness World Records family,” said Guinness World Records Adjudicator, Hannah Ortman.

This isn’t the first Guinness World Record for Johnson. He already has the World Record for taking the most selfies in three minutes (105 pictures at the San Andreas premiere).

Johnson’s gargantuan dip was prepared in a 100-gallon fish tank at Seven Bucks Digital Studios in LA. It was overseen by representatives from Guinness and consisted of “153.6 pounds of refried beans, 76.8 quarts sour cream with 9.6 pounds of seasoning mixed in, 76.8 pounds of cheese, 38.4 quarts of guacamole, 38.4 quarts tomatoes, 19.2 quarts green onions, and 37.2 quarts of black olives to top it off,” according the The Guinness World Records website.

Even though this is a world record, creating massive appetizers is nothing new to YouTube. The Epic Meal Time boys have created their fair share of ridiculous dips.

Matt Stonie, known for his over-the-top creations recently enjoyed a giant pile of nachos and filmed the whole ordeal for YouTube.

All in all, if you’re planning on making a crazy culinary creation, you should make sure you turn on your camera and immediately upload it to YouTube. We want to see. As for the dip, it didn’t get thrown out. It was donated to a local homeless shelter. See, good things can come out of crazy ideas.