It’s Time You Add The Boo Loo To Your Drink-Making Repertoire

04.08.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Meet the Boo Loo. As far as tiki cocktails go, this drink seems to have slipped under popular culture’s radar, taking a backseat to its better-known brethren, the mai tai and the zombie. Almost everyone who’s had a drink has heard of those two cocktails, whether or not they’ve actually had one before (to say nothing of having a good one). But the Boo Loo? The Boo Loo who? It appears to not have even made it into the backseat; it got left behind in the driveway while the mai tai and the zombie laughed, fist-bumped, and drove off into a wild night of parties and debauchery. Boo hoo, Boo Loo.

The Boo Loo is believed to have been created around 1965, making it a mid-century tiki creation. If the 1950s and early 1960s are to be considered tiki culture’s heyday, that puts this classic cocktail in an interesting–some might say ‘precarious’–position. It’s during the mid-’60s that the culture starts to experience a decline in popularity, one that leads to almost complete and total obscurity by the ’80s (save for some horrifically butchered versions of tiki’s most famous cocktails). In other words, the Boo Loo didn’t have quite as much time in the sun as the mai tai, which was created in the early 1930s. Perhaps this is the reason it’s not a household name in quite the same way.

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