A Visual Tour Of The Top Rated Bars In The World

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Now in its ninth year, the World’s 50 Best Bars is an annual list that give big ups to the superstars of the international drink-making industry. More than 500 cocktail experts worldwide vote on the list, so you know the writers aren’t just sitting at home risking carpal tunnel to make a list with information they Googled. They are out drinking. They are cool kids. And, though you would likely love to travel the world trying bars and finding the best, now you don’t have to. You can avoid the duds and go straight for places that could be termed “swaggy” (if anyone other than Nick Young actually used that word).

We have assembled short descriptions of the top ten and added some marvelous shots of their drinks and their bartenders. There is no way you finish this list without wanting to hop on a plane to a far off land, where people will pamper you with perfectly balanced cocktails.

10. Speak Low (Shanghai)

I am going to tell you one thing about this bar and I defy you to say you don’t immediately want to go there. Here goes. This Japanese-style speakeasy is accessed through a secret entrance in a bartending equipment shop. Boom.

Plus, it’s four stories and each one has a different concept, so it’s four bars in one awesome set-up.

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