Meet The 27-Year-Old Who’s Traveled To Every Country In The World

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There are oh-so-many benefits to travel. It fights insomnia. It improves both mental and physical health. It challenges bigotry. It improves your sex life. And, there are literally tons of studies that support these claims. If you’re a scientist and want a splashy study, just focus on travel.

You don’t have to be a modern Phileas Fogg to reap those benefits, but just imagine if the more of the world you saw, the more your health profited. If that was the case, Sal Lavallo would be one of the most emotionally grounded, physically fit people on earth because, at just 27, Lavallo is one of the youngest Americans to have visited every country in the world. He’s been everywhere, man.

Last November, Lavallo rolled into Malta and concluded a journey to all 193 member countries of the United Nations. It was the culmination of over a decade of travel that began when he was a teen and developed as he attended an international boarding school and worked as a consultant in the Middle East. He also founded a non-profit called Trail of Seeds that distributes micro-grants and promotes culturally inclusive development. He is committed not to stamps on a passport, but to understanding cultures.

This week, Lavallo walked us through his charity, his decision visit every country, and how he finances his incredible journeys. He also drops some recommendations for people looking to travel more. His accomplishment truly is amazing, and we felt fortunate that he shared his thoughts with us.

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