The UK Is Rationing Beer Because Of A Carbon Dioxide Shortage

06.27.18 12 months ago

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The American beer industry is currently worried about tariffs impacting aluminum can prices for its products, but brewers and other industries in the UK currently have their own problem.

The beer industry overseas is currently facing a shortage of carbon dioxide, and at least one wholesaler is rationing beer as a precautionary measure. CNN reported on Wednesday that Booker is limiting bars and grocers to 10 cases, or 300 cans, of beer per brand a day. The problem is that the UK is experiencing a shortage of carbon dioxide to carbonate the beverages, leaving brewers in the lurch.

If you don’t know how carbon dioxide is made for food products, it might sound a bit gross. CO2 in the UK is made as a byproduct of ammonia production, which is used to make fertilizer. The problem is that several ammonia and fertilizer production plants are currently shut down, which means a shortage of CO2.

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