Venezuelan McDonald’s Locations Have Had To Give Up On Selling Big Macs

McDonald’s locations in Venezuela are without the fast food giant’s most iconic burger for the time being. The country has found itself experiencing a Big Mac hiatus.

We’d like to say that the lack of Mac for Venezuelan McDonald’s was tied to something fun like the “sexy” new Hamburglar finally making his mark or Mac Tonight decreed it in an executive’s dream, but that’s not the case. Agence France-Presse reports that the temporary halt is due to the country’s current economic crisis and the bread that goes between the burger’s patties is no longer able to be sourced by the company.

“At McDonald’s Venezuela we are working to resolve this temporary situation,” reads a statement from the Venezuelan arm of the Golden Arches. “Together with our supplier we are evaluating the best options to allow us to continue offering quality products.”

This isn’t the first time the McDonald’s franchises in the country have had to halt the sale of a popular item. The restaurant suspended sales of french fries for 11 months last year as a result of shortages. At the moment, customers can still nab menu items like the Quarter Pounder, CBO, and McNífica as they wait out the Big Mac hiatus.

(Via Time)