Wanderlust 108 Wants To Pack All The Festival Vibes Into A Single Day

09.15.17 2 years ago

We all have that friend for whom the festival circuit isn’t just a season, it’s a lifestyle. From Coachella to Lightning in a Bottle to Burning Man we see Instagram feeds stacked with concert shots, giant art installations, and 100’s of people downward dogging in the desert. There’s a certain magic to the different world one retreats to on a three-day escape from everyday life, but those #festivalvibes require a certain level of commitment (and money). If you’re looking for a beginners intro to the festival life with a scene that is more about mindfulness than getting out of your mind, Wanderlust 108 has got you covered. The 2017 tour from 4-day yoga festival Wanderlust is still making it’s way around the world.

We chatted with Wanderlust Co-Founder Sean Hoess on why the company decided to think beyond their popular destination festivals and wellness centers to launch the Wanderlust 108 tour.

What is Wanderlust 108?

Wanderlust 108 is a day combining three mindful activities — running, yoga and, mediation — in your favorite local park or outdoor location. We think of 108 as an urban retreat. Often they are in large parks, very green around nature. I think the combination of sun and nature and yoga/meditation/running puts you in a more relaxed, mindful state.

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