Rapper Curtis Roach Guides Us To Detroit’s Most Intimate Music Venues

This month, Uproxx and Boost Mobile have joined forces to show just how easy it is to switch scenes from expensive, conventional experiences to more authentic (and often more affordable) ones. Today, we’re hitting up Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit is known worldwide for being a breeding ground for great hip-hop and rap talent. But many of the city’s iconic music venues have grown so popular that seeing a concert involves money, lines, and big crowds — leading to an impersonal experience. To flip the script, Uproxx Hip-Hop editor Aaron Williams is heading to Detroit himself to see if there’s a better way to find the hottest talent on the scene. To help his mission, he’s meeting up with emerging rapper Curtis Roach. Roach started at open mics and says that these low-key affairs are one of the best ways to really experience the up and coming talent in the rap world.

“So many people get so far just by doing open mics and the foundation it sets for an artist is just fantastic,” he says. “There could be an open mic that is hosted tonight, that might have the next superstar.”

Will Aaron and Curtis find the next Detroit hip-hop megastar? Find out in the above video as they switch things up and explore the lesser-known Motor City venues — where you pay less, sit closer, and skip the lines altogether.