Wendy’s Is Offering Up Fries Of Any Size For Just $1

10.23.18 10 months ago 2 Comments


Wendy’s is having an interesting run — what with their snarky twitter roasts, ironic mixtapes, and deep cut deals. They originated the 4-for-$4 deal that essentially became a standard in the fast food scene and now all of your favorite fast-food restaurants have some type of play on that deal. We, the people, are all happier — and better fed — for it.

But Wendy’s keeps on giving. Hell, we wouldn’t be surprised if they came up with new deals just so that their twitter account could troll people. This time around, it’s fries of any size for just $1.

And while all of us are probably going to automatically reach for a large, what makes this deal great isn’t the insane amount of fries it puts into your hand, but that said fries are pretty fantastic fast food. Sea salt, skin-on-potatoes? C’mon!

The deal is ongoing at participating Wendy’s, with no clear date as to when it’s over because that’s just how Wendy’s rolls. We still suggest you hit them up this week, it’ll only be a matter of time before the Wendy’s Twitter-machine fires us up on some new type of deal.

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