The McRib Is Dropping Nationwide For The First Time In Eight Years And People Are Hyped

McDonald’s is pulling out all the stops this year. Hot off the launch of the Travis Scott and J Balvin burgers, the ‘ol Golden Arches is giving us an early Christmas present to cap off what has been, by all accounts, an awful year. They’re bringing back the McRib nationwide!

Does this fast-food launch solve all — or any — of our problems? No. Absolutely not. But it’s the McRib, baby! The Simpsons made a whole episode about it. Just accept it for the simple pleasure that it is.

A holiday season staple from McDonald’s, the McRib pork sandwich hasn’t been available nationwide since 2012. Last year’s drop came close — when it was brought to 10,000 of McDonald’s 14,000 U.S. restaurants. But that still left a lot of the market craving their fix and scrambling to find a restaurant that did have the menu item. To help people locate the cult hit, McDonald’s had to launch a McRib locator app.

If you’re having a hard time believing that the love for this ribless, artificially rib-shaped sandwich goes that deep, just check out some of the Twitter reactions at the news below. The McRib will return to menus nationwide on December 2nd.