Watch This Woman Eat 150 Chicken McNuggets And Decide If You’re Jealous Or Nauseous

Have you ever gone hog wild on multiple packs of Chicken McNuggets at the end of a night of powerboozing to wake up stained with barbecue sauce and regret? There’s apparently another way to binge eat McDonald’s food clusters. Crazy, right?

Yuka Kinoshita is very good at eating things. Known to some as Japan’s “gluttonous beautiful woman,” Kinoshita can polish off food like a cartoon bear and somehow manage not to have her guts explode everywhere Mr. Creosote style. She’s got the heart of a champion and the stomach of… well, some sort of mythological creature. Her latest feat of eating strength? Crushing 150 Chicken McNuggets the way a stoner might mow through a sleeve of Saltines. Not only that, but she provides sauce reviews as well. PUT YUKA ON HER OWN LINE OF STAMPS IMMEDIATELY!

“Nuggets are so delicious,” notes the feasting dynamo. That’s probably the right attitude to have when you’re eating 150 of them. Even if you’re not into the fast food poultry binge side of things, Kinoshita’s commentary provides some very interesting details about what’s available if you hit up a Japanese McDonald’s. Depending on how you’re wired, this will either make you very hungry or very nauseous. Or quite possibly something else altogether. (We’re not here to kinkshame.)

(via First We Feast)