This Real-Life Castaway Spent 13 Months Stranded On An Island And Lived To Tell The Tale

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'Wrecked' on TBS

When it comes to imagining what life would be like upon getting stranded on a desert island, thoughts of Brooke Shields wearing next-to-nothing and Tom Hanks talking to sports equipment immediately flood the mind. But now, with the cast of TBS’ Wrecked suddenly unleashing all sorts of comedy on the castaway lifestyle, you can’t help but wonder:

How would I handle being stuck on a desert island?

Well, wonder no further. We caught up with real-life (self-imposed) castaway Lucy Irvine who spent 1982 stranded on the island Tuin off the coast of Australia. It all happened when a bored-with-life Englishwoman responded to an Englishman’s ad in Time Out magazine that simply read “Writer seeks wife for a year on a tropical island.” The man, Gerald Kingsland, was looking for a woman to live the Robinson Crusoe lifestyle with him… and then write a book about it.

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