Yelp Named These The 100 Restaurants To Go To In 2016

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You were joking when you resolved to lose weight this year, anyway. Today, Yelp released their list of the 100 best restaurants in the country, aka your next road trip. “Best” is obviously subjective, and one man’s treasured Per Se (No. 69 on the list) is another woman’s adored Taco Bell in the mall (did not place). So to make the rankings as fair as possible, Yelp looked “at both the ratings and the number of reviews while accounting for quality, popularity, and statistical fluctuations,” with performance data trending back to 2004.

Porto’s Bakery & Cafe in Burbank, Calif., was named the “top place to eat” for 2016, with 10 more restaurants from the Golden State placing in the top-20. Either there’s something in the West Coast water that makes everything taste that much better, or the list is heavily titled toward California because there, and South Park, Colo., is where the most “elite” Yelpers are (headquarters are located in San Francisco). I’d cry foul, but Austin’s Franklin Barbecue is the only place in the top-10 I’ve been to, and it deserves to be.

Here’s a closer look at the highest ranking restaurants.

1. Porto’s Bakery & Cafe, Burbank, Calif.

Touchdown, #Portos! #🏈

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