David S. Pumpkins Has Been Added To Classic Horror Movies In What Is A Full-Fledged Halloween Miracle

As election day looms, America has one burning question on its bald eagle shaped brain: Why the hell can’t David S. Pumpkins be president instead? Tom Hanks has enchanted the nation with his instantly beloved SNL horror marvel and while we can’t plunk this firebrand in the White House, one beautiful soul has inserted Pumpkins into classic scary movies for the sake of a country in need. (Or for fun. Cuz fun is fun.)

Jesse McLaren has crafted a special combo platter of gratuitous Pumpkins in horror films action, complete with dancing skeleton sidekicks and synth music presumably pulled from Dutch ’80s hip-hop. Watch in gleeful terror as Hanks’ uniquely attired nouveau shockmaster appears in iconic scenes from The Shining, The Ring and Scream. Clocking in at a tidy 51 seconds, this clip provides maximum Pumpkins value.

Elsewhere in Pumpkinsmania, Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson noted at this week’s InStyle Awards that she’s also rather fond of the character.

“Whenever I see it, it makes me want to laugh,” AP reports the actress as saying. “There might be a little David Pumpkins in my future. I can just call him up and go ‘Bring it, I need a little David S. Pumpkins today, honey.’”

Why stop there? Maybe David S. Pumpkins can pop up in a future Rita Wilson music video. Even if it’s just to unfurl a classic “any questions?”