Hey Now, The ‘Shrek’ Honest Trailer Doubles As An Amazing Smash Mouth Parody

SomeBODY once told me Honest Trailers would parody Smash Mouth with their Shrek honest trailer. Hey now, the newest send-up from Screen Junkies is going to make us waffles. Well, maybe not, but Screen Junkies is wrapping up their “Fan Appreciation Month” with the movie which received the most votes from their fanbase. A fanbase which — as we noted in the Space Jam post — is clearly chock-full of ’90s kids and millennials who are nostalgic about Mike Myers (who’s still doing great) brogue-ing it up with that one voice he does.

The honest trailer covers several facets, including the original voice acting from Chris Farley, unclear moral, and how it parodies Disney tropes while also falling back on those selfsame tropes. But, more importantly, they parody “All Star” by Smash Mouth with a new version that ends with, “And if you think we’re unfair, go support them at your county fair.”

You hear that, Smash Mouth lead singer Guy Fieri? Ya burnt.

Those are some really good Parent Trap-style special effects there, Food Network, but we’re onto you. We know they’re the same guy.

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Via Screen Junkies