Amine Puts On For Portland In His Triumphant ‘Woodlawn’ Video

Amine puts on for his Portland neighborhood in the exuberant new video for “Woodlawn” from his summer album Limbo, filling the self-directed video with family, friends, and references to his hometown. Situated in the northeast section of Portland, Woodlawn is a mostly minority section of the city that has been undergoing a period of gentrification (which Amine spoke on in his debut album, Good For You, with “Turf”). To counteract the disappearing character of his section, Amine celebrates and displays the things that make it special to him.

In one scene, Amine seems to be enjoying a Trailblazers game in his room, which is decked out in team paraphernalia, while flanked as usual by best friends Yosief Berhe and Jonathan Ressom. In another, the crew off-roads in ATVs decorated with Limbo stickers, while for the group sequence, dozens of Amine’s friends dance to the song while wearing matching black outfits and Limbo masks.

The video for “Woodlawn” arrives a little under a month after the song made its television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with an innovative performance involving a hot air balloon. It’s the fourth video from Limbo after “Shimmy,” “Riri,” and “Compensating” featuring Young Thug. Shortly after the release of the album, Amine gave a live streamed performance on YouTube.

Watch Amine’s “Woodlawn” video above.