ASAP Rocky’s Breakout Mixtape ‘Live.Love.ASAP’ Is Now Available To Stream

For artists who broke out right when the streaming era was approaching, figuring out when and how to get old releases up on the platforms can take time. Or, for rappers who spent their early years releasing free mixtapes, sometimes the process of clearing samples and getting music totally legal is part of the delay, too. Either way, ASAP Rocky delighted fans recently when he let them know that his very first project, Live.Love.ASAP was officially going to be added to streaming services. The date he chose may be more for posterity than anything else, though. It’s been exactly ten years since the project was released, so now he’s letting a wider group of listeners have access to the tape that helped put him on the map.

After a rough 2019, when he faced a stint in prison in Sweden, Rocky has been doing better than ever of late. Long-standing rumors that he was dating Rihanna finally manifested, and the pair appear to be going very strong. Actually, do I even need to list anything else going on in his life or career aside from that fact? It kind of speaks for itself. Let’s just say his latest collab with Maxo Kream is solid as well, and this look from the Red Hot Chili Peppers isn’t a small thing, either.

Check out Live.Love.ASAP below.