The Best Indie Albums of 2019 So Far, Ranked

best indie albums of 2019

2019 is already halfway over — where did the time go? Feels like just a second ago that we were brainstorming New Year’s resolutions, and now it’s almost time to start drafting your holiday wishlist! Whatever, it doesn’t matter, time is a flat circle anyway.

While 2019 has been pretty much a nightmare in every other respect, there has been a hell of a lot of good music, especially in the realm of indie rock. Ryan Pollie released his best music to date, Pile aimed for the fences, and Angel Du$t made a sharp (and rewarding) sonic overhaul.

It’s all good. But what was the best? Let us help: here are our rankings for the ten best indie albums of 2019 so far. And if you’re wondering about methodology, these are only albums that didn’t appear on our list of best albums of the year so far.