All The Best New Pop Music From This Week

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The advent of Memorial Day means that summer is officially here, and with the change in season comes new summer bops. Ed Sheeran released the second collaboration off his upcoming collection, the moony “Cross Me” featuring Chance The Rapper. Kim Petras continued her breakneck one-song-a-week release schedule with the emotional “All I Do Is Cry.” And 5 Seconds Of Summer, whose “Youngblood” was one of the Songs Of The Summer last year, dropped the smooth, slinky “Easier.” We’ve also got some really exciting releases from newcomers and rising stars whose songs you’ll be bopping to all summer long.

Every week, Uproxx will round out the best new pop releases of the last seven days. Grab your sunglasses (and your headphones) and listen up.

Kim Petras, “All I Do Is Cry”

All I Do Is Cry” is Kim Petras‘ fifth new single in as many weeks, but its emotional impact sets it apart from her ever-growing discography. Her first collection of singles was full of lovesick, sugary-sweet pop bops and party anthems, but this new era sees Petras embracing new sounds and subject matter. “All I Do Is Cry” is “Broken” ‘s heartsick sister. Over a moody trap-pop beat, Petras laments a love lost and narrates her suffering state in their absence.

5 Seconds Of Summer, “Easier”

“Easier” is breezy, summery, and compulsively listenable. Aussie band 5 Seconds Of Summer are taking the poppier sound they embraced on their 2018 album Youngblood and running with it — “Easier” is full Puth wave, bass-driven bounce. Charlie Puth actually co-wrote the song with 5SOS, and Luke Hemmings brings his best falsetto for the bridge. 5SOS have mostly moved away from the punkier sound of their first few albums, but “Easier” still maintains their signature playful spirit.

Ed Sheeran, Feat. PnB Rock And Chance The Rapper, “Cross Me”

Ed Sheeran, PnB Rock, and Chance The Rapper love their girlfriends. “Cross Me” sees the rappers (and Sheeran) embracing their possessive side, but the intent is sweet. They recognize that the women are more than capable of standing up for themselves — Chance says his “girl been doin CrossFit” — and as couples they form a united front against whoever would dare cross them. Sheeran announced his upcoming No. 6 Collaborations Project this week, so expect to hear more collabs and features in the coming weeks.

Clairo, “Bags”

If you don’t know who Clairo is yet, you will soon. The singer-songwriter is opening for Khalid on tour this summer, ahead of the release of her debut album Immunity. Her candid breakout single “Pretty Girl” attracted some impressive big names and collaborators, including producer-auteur Rostam, who worked with Clairo on “Bags.” Over a dynamic melody that shifts every time it finds its footing, Clairo sings about insecurity and figuring yourself out and grappling with what you have and what you deserve. Clairo is an exciting new voice on the rise — listen now and be ahead of everyone else.

Carlie Hanson, “WYA”

On the eve of many young students’ graduations, Carlie Hanson has released an evocative growing-up anthem. “WYA” tries to find a moment of quiet in a time of emotional turmoil. Hanson sings about hometowns so claustrophobic they feel like prisons, uninviting cities, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Hanson’s towering voice is a reassurance, grounding the rush of the song and melody in pathos and heart. It’s the musical equivalent of a hug from your best friend, compulsively listenable (and re-listenable).

Slayyyter, “Everytime”

Britney Spears‘ “Everytime” is a real heartbreaker. Over a simple, twinkling piano melody, Spears sings about a heartbreak that leaves her feeling raw and wrecked. Spears’ vocals, usually glistening with bubblegum production, are stripped to their barest emotional impact. She’s breathy and haunting and palpably sad. On first listen of Slayyyter’s cover of “Everytime,” it’s almost eerie how much Slayyyter sounds like Spears, note-for-note on the original’s vulnerability and ethereal production. But Slayyyter also adds her own production flourishes, and the end ramps down like Slayyyter is preparing for a beat drop. The song ends just as it leaves you wanting more, but with Slayyyter teasing an album release before her summer tour, something’s about to drop before too long.

Astrid S, “The First One”

On the candid “The First One,” Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid S offers an apology. Over a persevering power-pop beat, Astrid sings about a first love that left her so heartbroken she could never open up the same way again. “When I knew what I was doing / I was stupid, I was ruined, I was healing / But the healing never happened,” Astrid sings, the words coming a mile a minute as she lets herself feel again. “The First One” will be on Astrid’s upcoming EP.

Fletcher, “About You”

In her newest single, singer-songwriter Fletcher is haunted by coffee cups and house keys. Even the most common household objects remind Fletcher of the love she lost and the ghost of it that’s still plaguing her memory. “But now I’m thinking, I’ll never stop thinking about you / Yeah, I’m just wondering when I’ll stop wondering about you,” she sings over a cathartic beat. “About You” is Fletcher’s third single of 2019, and each consecutive one seems to be drawing even more buzz to the New Jersey-born singer. With singles this great, her major label debut is shaping up to be something special.

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