Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’ Documentary Revealed The Details Of Her Complicated Pregnancy

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Beyonce’s 2017 pregnancy with twins Rumi and Sir was even more difficult than previously reported, according to the details revealed in her new Netflix documentary, Homecoming. The film, which portrays the buildup and performance of her iconic 2018 “Beychella” set at Coachella, highlighted just how serious her pregnancy complications became.

Not did she develop high blood pressure, she also dealt with toxemia (a blood infection) and preeclampsia (damage to the liver or kidneys). One of the twins’ hearts stopped, which led to Beyonce having an emergency C-section. She gained a lot of weight throughout the pregnancy, which she worried would threaten her career as well as her health. “There were days where I thought I’d never be the same,” she says. “I’d never be the same physically. My strength and endurance would never be the same.” Those health concerns were what prompted her to adopt a vegan diet and become an advocate for plant-based diet along with her husband Jay-Z.

The film also documents just how much work went into the production of the show, with rehearsals taking place on three separate sound stages — one for the band, one for the dancers and one for the creative team. Beyonce alternated between them, making adjustments to perfect the moment when it would all come together. Given her performance became one of the most-watched livestreamed concert sets ever, it’s fair to say that all that hard work paid off.