Blueface Talks About Working With Cardi B On The ‘Thotiana’ Remix For ‘How I Blew Up’

2018 was only four years, which somehow feels both like just yesterday and a lifetime ago. A lot has happened since then, making it easier than ever to forget that it was the year that helped to launch some of today’s biggest names in rap music, including Cardi B, Travis Scott, and Blueface. The latter’s “Thotiana,” which dominated radio and playlists for much of the year, was a controversial hit, inspiring as many detractors as imitators, but its impact is clear in nearly every syllable-packed single that bubbles up from the LA underground scene.

For the latest edition of Uproxx’s How I Blew Up, the Mid-City native stops by the studio to explain his recording process, reveal the moment he first knew “Thotiana” was a hit, and recall working with future No. 1-selling artist Cardi B on the song’s remix. He also explains how he fell into the “off-beat” style of rapping that became his signature, saying, “The inspiration was no inspiration.” And while that quirky rhythmic approach received its fair share of side-eyes in 2018, many of the buzzy names that followed — names like 1TakeJay, AzChike, BlueBucksClan, Remble, and more — have clearly taken the baton and run with it.

2018 was a long time ago, but at the same time, it wasn’t that long ago, either. Blueface has since proven he’s no one-hit-wonder, but he’s also still just getting started. Check out the latest episode of How I Blew Up above.