Cardi B Trades Insults (And Leaked Videos) With Nicki Minaj Collaborator Akbar V

While the feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has cooled down since they sent footwear flying in 2018, it looks like Cardi now has a beef brewing with Akbar V, an up-and-coming rapper who received Nicki’s co-sign via the “Super Freaky Girl” remix. Like Cardi, Akbar V came up through an installment of the reality show Love & Hip-Hop, and like Cardi, she isn’t afraid to mix it up with rivals on public platforms like Twitter. However, their Twitter feud has now escalated, with Cardi sharing what appears to be a leaked sex tape of Akbar’s.

While it’s always a little hard to tell where these things get started, it appears that Akbar felt disrespected by one of Cardi’s recent tweets. After Cardi asserted, “I take care of kids ..since the day they came out my p*ssy,” Akbar took it personally. The Atlanta rapper quoted Cardi’s tweet, adding her own two cents. “You was able to baby,” she wrote. “u … i wasn’t but i got all of mine now …see the difference between me and u i was really in that jungle t hugging with real n$$$as….u forgot u had kids when u got some money ?… u was just selling it to any man that ran up on u cricket teeth..”

Akbar continued badmouthing Cardi on her timeline until Cardi started quote-tweeting her, reminding both rappers’ followers, “I came from The Bronx ..Highbridge to be exact ….clearly ain’t forget since I’m wasting my time arguing with you.” She also posted a video, allegedly of Akbar getting beaten up by another Atlanta native, as well as another… shall we say, less kosher one. Cardi deleted the video when Akbar wrote “u dead wrong for that uploading that porn stuff about me again u scoop so low but kool,” but seemed appalled to learn that the Atlanta rapper had used a still from the video for a single cover.

Meanwhile, Nicki, who appeared to have conveniently logged in just in time for the fireworks to promote her own new single, “Likkle Miss (Remix)” with dancehall artist Skeng, switched strategies midstream, instead prompting fans to tweet the #QueenMix hashtag and retweeting fans’ praise of Akbar V. Whether her intention was to defuse the situation or stoke the fire, it’s clear that fans are still choosing sides and goading the mess instead of realizing that they could just as easily stream both “Super Freaky Girl” and “Tomorrow 2.” Sadly, the patriarchy wins again.