Cardi B Calls Trump A Terrorist After Iran’s Missile Attacks On Iraq

While keeping up-to-date on current events, Cardi B gave her unfiltered opinion of the current commander-in-chief. A self-proclaimed politics and history junkie, Cardi B posted a video of a recent Nightline report speaking with citizens of Iran who tearfully asked, “Is this democracy?” with a sternly-worded caption aimed at Donald Trump. “Voice of Iranians,” she wrote. “They not terrorist. Trump is.”

Cardi B has been one of Trump’s most outspoken critics in the entertainment industry, censuring him throughout 2019 for ordering government employees to work without pay during the most recent government shutdown, blaming a seeming uptick in police brutality on Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric, and calling him out for his responses to recent mass shootings. Despite this, she seems so confident that he might get re-elected, that earlier this week she joked that she was applying for Nigerian citizenship, leading to a rash of “Chioma B” memes and even a response from the Nigerian government.

However, that doesn’t mean she’s giving up without a fight. Cardi threw her support behind Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, assisting his campaign with messaging intended to help make his policies more palatable to people of color — the folks most deeply affected by issues like the conflict in the Middle East and Trump’s tax cuts.

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