Clipse Reunites As Pusha T And No Malice Perform At The 2022 BET Hip-Hop Awards

Clipse fans have been hounding the brother act for a reunion for over 10 years, since the release of their fourth and to date, final album, Til The Casket Drops, in 2009. Since then, there have been a few performances reuniting Pusha T and No Malice over the years, including a couple this year on Nigo’s album I Know Nigo and Pusha’s album It’s Almost Dry. So, those fans were undoubtedly delighted when the duo took the stage at last week’s BET Hip-Hop Awards, which aired last night.

During Pusha T’s solo performance, which opened with a rendition of his It’s Almost Dry cut “Diet Coke,” the beat to Clipse’s breakout 2002 hit “Grindin'” blared over the speakers, and Malice emerged on stage. Naturally, the crowd went wild, with audience closeups showing nearly everyone in the building reciting the iconic, 20-year-old verses nearly word-for-word. The brothers Thornton looked like they were having the time of their lives — especially younger brother Pusha, who appeared more amped than anyone to see No Malice spitting the verses that “Grindin'” a lunch table favorite at high schools across America in 2002.

With the duo performing together for the first time in over a decade at Pharrell Williams’ Something In The Water festival earlier this year, as well as reuniting at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, fans’ hopes for a project are looking more positive than ever. Still, even if they don’t record another album together, the seal has been opened, and it probably won’t be long until we see them grace the stage as a group again.