Diplo’s New ‘Deadpool 2’ Song ‘Welcome To The Party’ Sounds Awfully Familiar To TNGHT Fans

Like it’s predecessor, it seems that Deadpool 2 is doing just about everything right. It got a high-profile surprise cameo, it’s decimating box office records, its marketing is on point, and they even got Celine Dion to sing a song on the soundtrack. The soundtrack features more original contributions since that of Dion, though, and one of them is now getting accused of perhaps not having the most original sound out there.

Diplo teamed up with French Montana, Lil Pump, and Zhavia for “Welcome To The Party,” a hip-hop track with an aggressive beat that is immediately and obviously reminiscent of TNGHT’s “R U Ready,” which non-TNGHT fans will recognize as the track Kanye West sampled in “Blood On The Leaves.” Just a few days ago, TNGHT tweeted, “@ US WHEN YOU HEAR FAKE TNGHTS” (the same day the Diplo track was released), and now fans are doing just that.

The duo themselves seem to agree, but they’re not getting too heated about it. TNGHT’s Hudson Mohawke was asked on Twitter, “How does that new Diplo production for Deadpool 2 make you feel,” to which he responded, “Imitation is [the] sincerest form of flattery, [I’m] down with it.”

Listen to “Welcome To The Party” above, and for comparison purposes, check out TNGHT’s “R U Ready” below.

Of course, if TNGHT and Mohawke were fed up, it would be understandable — the same imitation-as-flattery gag has happened not once but twice recently.