Doja Cat’s ‘Kitty’ Nearly Made An Appearance During ‘The Book Of Clarence’ Movie Premiere

F*ck The Girls” rapper Doja Cat’s daring fashions have repeatedly been a topic of conversation. Sometimes, the garments are deemed controversial. Other times, the looks were hailed as groundbreaking. On Friday, January 5, another one of Doja Cat’s looks set the internet ablaze.

While attending The Book Of Clarence movie premiere in Los Angeles, Doja Cat managed to avoid a wardrobe malfunction when her ‘kitty’ nearly made an appearance on the carpet. While she stopped to pose for photos in her Luar one-piece, Doja used her full-length jacket to cover up her goodies.

After the images began circulating online, users online chimed in using Doja’s past lyrics to laugh off the mishap.

“Amala did say, ‘Look at me, look at me.’ Oh, she’s a supernova,” wrote one user.

“She didn’t lie when she said, ‘Now my bald hair, match my ….,” penned another.

“She literally said, ‘let that coochie breathe 😭😭😭,” added a user quoting Sexyy Red.

“Look at me. Look at me. You looking,” joked a fan.

At the same time, users online couldn’t help but point out the irony in the nearly NSFW moment, given the religious nature of the film. “I love her, but I find it odd to wear a cross with Jesus on it while ur c00chie is out like this 😭😭,” remarked a user.

The Book of Clarence is set to hit theaters on January 12. Find more information here.