Good Charlotte And Blake Lively Enjoyed A Late Night Game Of ‘Password’ On ‘Fallon’

Taxi star Jimmy Fallon has his detractors, but you can’t say he doesn’t put celebrities to work. If you go on The Tonight Show, it helps if you do some stretching beforehand, maybe lug in a change of clothes and mentally prepare for a showdown with other famous people. Viewers gobble it up, Fallon does gangbusters in the ratings and a celebrity gets to keep one of their stock stories in storage instead of spilling it on the chat show.

That brings us to the rectangle with the moving images at the top of the page. Last night’s bit of celebrity goof-em-ups came courtesy of a game of Password that had Fallon and Blake Lively going toe-to-toe with Good Charlotte. (Good Charlotte are still rolling with their “bad boys of magic” look, in case you’re curious.) The game’s pretty straightforward. Get your partner to guess the password, but do so by following the rules of the game. Break the rules and you’ll be thrown out of a helicopter. Or maybe just penalized. One of the two.

Both teams performed admirably in this Password battle and the Madden Brothers have educated America on what Australians call a Speedo. Everyone wins, really. Well, provided you’re comfortable with the term Budgie Smuggler.