Kanye West Uploads 16 Songs From ‘Donda 2’ To His Stem Player Site

Days before Kanye West’s eleventh album Donda 2 was set to arrive, the rapper announced that the project would not appear on streaming services as some may have expected. Instead, Kanye said Donda 2 would be exclusively available on his Stem Player website. The Stem Player is the device Kanye released last year after he dropped Donda and it let users control vocals, drums, bass, and samples, isolate certain parts of a song, and add effects. While Donda 2 was not available on the site as expected on February 22, Kanye stuck to his word and released a batch of songs from the project onto the website.

On Thursday, 16 songs unexpectedly appeared on the Stem Player website. Many, if not all of the songs, were played during Kanye’s live performance of Donda 2 in Miami. The new records include contributions from Future, Migos, Jack Harlow, the late XXTENTACION, Vory, Alicia Keys, Fivio Foreign, Soulja Boy, Sean Leon, Baby Keem, Travis Scott, and Don Toliver. Four of the songs in the new batch of Donda 2 records were released on Wednesday. It’s unknown if these are the final versions of the songs from Kanye’s eleventh album and if any additional records will be uploaded to the site.

The songs are only accessible from the Stem Player website if you have the Stem Player device, but if you may find them elsewhere with a few Googles.

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.