Kanye West Will Pay Kim Kardashian $200K A Month In Child Support

Despite his recently reduced fortune, it looks like Kanye West will still be paying Kim Kardashian a king’s ransom in child support for their four children. According to TMZ, the former couple has settled their divorce at long last, hashing out the details of both their belongings and child-rearing. While the kids will remain with Kim, court documents show that they will have “equal access” to them, while Kanye will be paying $200,000 a month, in addition to half the costs for their education and security.

Meanwhile, neither party will pay the other spousal support and their assets will be divided according to their prenuptial agreement. They’ve also agreed to the third-party mediation of disputes, which TMZ posits heavily favors Kim, given Kanye’s erratic behavior. Over the course of their divorce proceedings, Kanye hired six different lawyers while avoiding depositions and meetings, apparently in an effort to either win Kim over or spite her for asking for a divorce in the first place. However, with another deposition looming and prefacing a potential court trial, it looks like Kanye opted to play along with at least one former partner.

Kanye has been a vocal antagonist of a number of parties since early this year including Kim, her former boyfriend Pete Davidson, Adidas, Gap, and Jewish people. All of this led to his losing his billionaire status as his lucrative business partnerships collapsed in the wake of his antisemitic commentary. Meanwhile, Kim petitioned a court to legally end their marriage early and won; the settlement was just to clear up their business dealings and child custody.