Kanye West Posted A Documentary That Seems To Confirm He Scrapped His Album At The Last Minute

It wasn’t long after Kanye West released his latest album, Ye, that rumors surfaced about Kanye impatiently scrapping his planned album and reworking it into the version that now lives on streaming sites and debuted at his now-infamous Wyoming listening party. Now, he’s posted a link to a documentary that seems to confirm that he did just that — although, the provenance of the information might be a little dubious. You can watch the video above.

Kanye took to his Twitter today — as he’s been prone to do for some time during the promotion of GOOD Music’s unprecedented deluge of new music — to post a cryptic link to the URL. Clicking on the link takes users to a website with a collection of web videos, including a documentary shot by New York fashion collective Spaghetti Boys and hosted by Spaghetti Boys member Kerwin Frost.

The documentary follows Kerwin and his friends as they hop a private plane to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the Ye listening party, interview attendees including Lil Yachty, 2 Chainz, and Pusha T, and generally make a nuisance of themselves in the affable, cinéma vérité style favored by Youtube and Instagram vloggers of the modern generation. During the course of the video, Frost relays a rumor that he’s heard onsite that Kanye has scrapped his album and started from scratch, which lines up with other reports that have surfaced since., like the Jackson Hole tactic, actually seems like a clever marketing ploy for an album. It would have been nice if Kanye had stuck to this intriguing method of promoting Ye, rather than the trolling he engaged in for attention prior to the album’s rollout.