Meek Mill Says An Allen Iverson Documentary Made Him Cry In His Prison Cell

As a Philadelphia native, it’s no surprise that Meek Mill is a lifelong and diehard fan of his hometown’s major sports franchises, including the Eagles of the NFL and especially the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. And there is no more beloved member of the Sixers franchise than Allen Iverson, the diminutive point guard whose game and swagger had a seismic impact on the league and pop culture in the early 2000s. So it’s understandable that even a tough guy like Meek, who grew up battle rapping on the mean streets of Philly, had an emotional reaction to a documentary about Allen Iverson’s life and career.

“I never told y’all I cried in my cell one night watching Allen Iverson documentary!” Meek admitted in a tweet Tuesday night. “You should watch that if you a champion.” Of course, he’s not only referring to the championship aspirations of athletes, he’s also sneakily plugging his own 2018 album, Championships, on which he not only reunites with former rival Drake, but also addresses the tribulations in the criminal justice system which led to him sitting in a cell watching that documentary.

There’s just one problem: Meek didn’t specify just which documentary brought on the tearful reaction. There have actually been no less than three documentaries produced about Allen Iverson, all of which could have been available for him to watch during one of his stints behind bars. There’s the ESPN-produced 30 For 30 documentary, No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson from 2010, there’s the 2014 documentary Iverson, which you can watch on Netflix right now, and then there’s 2016’s Allen Iverson: The Answer, a DVD produced by the NBA and aired on NBA TV. Better yet, watch all three: Maybe you won’t cry, but Iverson’s story is pretty inspirational, and each doc covers a different aspect on a multifaceted, once-in-a-generation athlete.

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