Megan Thee Stallion Is Impressed By Nardwuar’s Interview Skills At Day N Vegas

Nardwuar, in an era of high-profile celebrities being just a tweet away and the likes of news outlets like TMZ literally following those celebrities around in their everyday life, has been able to carve out a lane for himself as one of the most unconventional interviewers this decade. This weekend at Day N Vegas was no exception for Nardwuar, as he was able to “finagle” his way backstage to interview a slew of artists, including the original hot girl herself, Megan Thee Stallion.

Nardwuar previewed the five-minute backstage interview on his Twitter. “Here’s a new interview I did w Megan Thee Stallion at Day N Vegas in Los Vegas, Nevada,” Nardwuar said on Twitter.

Nardwuar starts off the interview by gifting Thee Stallion a Pimp C t-shirt. “Everybody knows Pimp C is my favorite,” Megan says.

In addition, Nardwuar impresses Thee Stallion with his keen knowledge of Lil Ru’s record “Nasty,” knowing the name of her high school principal, Mr. Burgers, who let her wear whatever she wanted to school, and by name-dropping her current favorite college professor. In addition to her performance (and interview) at Day N Vegas over the weekend, Thee Stallion has a new web series out as well.