Mozzy And Kalan.FrFr Lure Beach Bunnies With Ice Cream In Their ‘Whole 100’ Video

After Mozzy made a whole album with YG earlier this year, the Sacramento native once again taps in with a Compton star in the video for “Whole 100” from his new album, Untreated Trauma. The video sees Mozzy and Kalan.FrFr operating an ice cream truck, which helps put them in contact with baddies at the beach, as well as the usual assortment of block-bound misfits. With an upbeat and lighthearted tone, it’s something of a departure for the usually serious-minded Mozzy but Kalan.FrFr helps make this one a party-ready good-times anthem.

Thanks to Mozzy and YG’s collaborative effort, Kommunity Service, and Untreated Trauma, Mozzy’s profile is higher than ever. Not only has he become something of a fixture of West Coast turn-up joints like “Perfect Timing,” “Vibe With You,” “Gangsta,” and “Dangerous,” but now his name rings enough bells to get put on songs with hitmakers like Eminem and Polo G — Skylar Grey’s “Last One Standing” features all three. Untreated Trauma is Mozzy’s highest-charting album yet, peaking at No. 19 on the Billboard 200.

Meanwhile, Kalan is having something of a breakout year himself after dropping his debut album TwoFr 2 in March. That led to him starting to land more placements, while his UPROXX Sessions performance of album cut “Never Lose You” has generated impressive buzz for the West Coast rising star.

Watch Mozzy’s “Whole 100” video featuring Kalan.FrFr above.