All The Best New Indie Music From This Week

10.30.18 9 months ago

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Indie music has grown to include so much. It’s not just music that is released on independent labels, but speaks to an aesthetic that deviates from the norm and follows its own weirdo heart. It can come in the form of rock music, pop, or folk. In a sense, it says as much about the people that are drawn to it as it does about the people that make it.

Every week, Uproxx is rounding up the very best of the indie releases from the past seven days. This week offered up new records from beloved artists Robyn and Thom Yorke, offerings from supergroups Boygenius and Antarctigo Vespucci, and a new song from Beirut that is one of the finest they’ve ever released. It was a pretty great week for new indie music.

Robyn — Honey

After eight years with nothing but a collaborative EP with Royksopp to show for it, Robyn is back to win our pop-loving hearts. Honey is an album that she says is less interested in melody and more interest in “songs that didn’t have a beginning and an end, and things that were hypnotic.” In Uproxx’s review of the record, Sasha Geffen notes that Honey “deepens her knack for packaging untidy emotions into sparkling pop songs.”

Boygenius — Boygenius

What happens when three of indie rock’s most talented rising songwriters join forces? A record that manages to capitalize on all their strengths and still form something cohesive and essential. These aren’t six castoff songs that weren’t good enough for their respective solo projects. No, Boygenius is among the strongest material that Lucy Dacus, Julien Baker, and Phoebe Bridgers have yet to release. The record’s only downside is that listeners will wish there was more of it.

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