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06.18.18 1 year ago
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Keeping up with new music can be exhausting, even impossible. From the weekly album releases to standalone singles dropping on a daily basis, the amount of music is so vast it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. Even following along with the Uproxx recommendations on daily basis can be a lot to ask, so every Monday we’re offering up this rundown of the best music released in the last week.

This week, Kanye West is back with an album he produced for Nas, Beyonce and Jay-Z teamed up to surprise the world, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever offer one of the best indie rock albums of the year, and Death Cab For Cutie offers up their first song in years. Yeah, it was a pretty good week for music. Check out the highlights below.

Nas — Nasir

Mass Appeal/Def Jam

Two hip-hop legends join forces in what has been a busy month for Kanye West. For Nas, though, it’s a moment in the spotlight that he hasn’t had in years, bolstered by guests The-Dream and 070 Shake. For Kanye, it’s just the fourth album in as many weeks that he’s been a part of. The seams are starting to show, though, as on the half-way point of Friday, the album still hadn’t hit streaming services. Now, it’s available for fans to listen.

Beyonce and Jay-Z — Everything Is Love

Roc Nation/UMG

The week’s biggest surprise was also not a surprise at all. Rumors of a joint Bey and Jay album have been swirling since before her legendary turn at Coachella, but arrived just in time to spoil Nas’ weekend. With nine songs in under 40 minutes, the initially Tidal-only offering (it’s now available most everywhere) also features Migos, Ty Dolla Sign, and Pharrell Williams, but really the above-the-title players are all you need. The collection wraps up a trilogy started by Lemonade and 4:44, bolstering the duo’s current stadium world tour, On The Run II.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever — Hope Downs

Sub Pop

It’s not exactly a surprise that Australia’s Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have delivered one of the best indie rock debuts of the year. If you’ve been following our posts about the best music for the past couple months, you’d have noticed that Rolling Blackouts C.F. have featured often. It’s a breezy, summer-ready affair from a group of childhood friends and family that are as much interested in the rock and roll experience as they are with “making it.” The result is a must-hear offering.

Sophie — Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides


Though the hype around PC Music has faded, the loosely affiliated Scotish electronic artist Sophie is proving that her brand of experimental music does not need a scene to succeed. On her debut full-length, she sings and composes music that aims to reach the corners of the imagination — what’s even crazier is how often she succeeds.

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