Noname Explains Why Female Rappers Are All ‘Better Entertainers’ Than Their Male Counterparts

As the female rap renaissance continues, much of the discussion around the burgeoning explosion in female talent in rap has revolved around their reception by hip-hop’s perceived majority male fanbase. In July, Doja Cat pointed out how female rappers are viewed as “less than smart,” while Cardi B, Latto, and Megan Thee Stallion have all addressed a feeling that they’re disrespected more than men while being expected to do twice as much. Now, from another corner of hip-hop world, Noname joins the growing chorus of voices speaking out against this negative perception while defending her contemporaries’ content.

Noname’s comments came as she refuted a fan’s assertion that “most of the female rappers out now sucks [sic].” “We are currently in the most commercialized era of rap,” she began. “lyrical content + brand presentation will usually reflect what the consumer (majority white) finds the most titillating, violence and sex. most rappers regardless of gender (which is a construct) rap about the same things.”

She continued in a separate tweet in the thread, “this is what mainstream black art looks like under capitalism. either way most women rapping are technically just as skilled as their male contemporaries, if not better. and i would argue all of them are better entertainers.”

She was also forced to circle back on an old talking point when one fan pointed out their misunderstanding of Noname’s assertion that most rap consumers are white. “White consumption of black art and black bodies is largely why mainstream rap exists as it does, “she explained. “You all are the largest consumers of rap in this country. beyond that, white label executives and radio owners ultimately decide which rappers the masses are exposed to.” Noname previously made similar points when she said she didn’t want to perform for mostly white audiences anymore.