Post Malone Got A Tattoo At His Dentist’s Office

Post Malone’s ever growing collection of tattoos is impressive and attention-grabbing, but there comes a point where getting new ink just isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Every piece deserves a story, so apparently, Post wanted to make sure his latest one had one of the more interesting stories he could manage — the tale of that time he got inked during a dentist appointment.

That’s right, while visiting his dentist in Beverly Hills, Post also got inked on his calf. Both the dentist’s office and the tattoo artist posted photos of the moment, which depicted Post as all-smiles while dressed in what looks like a knee-length T-shirt as the artist, Ganga, shaves Post’s leg in preparation while his dentist, Dr. Thomas Connelly, looks on in amusement, holding up a phone for a FaceTime call.

While the photos don’t reveal exactly what Post got inked on his leg, it’s sure to be a session no one involved will forget. The posts also forego info on just what kind of procedure was done on his teeth, but that’d be a HIPAA violation anyway. Post’s got plenty of reasons to smile these days anyway: His 2019 album Hollywood Bleeding is still hanging around the Billboard 200 top ten, his single from the album, “Circles,” has spent a longer time in the Hot 100 top ten than any song ever, and his various business endeavors seem lined up to be just as successful as his music, including a rosé brand and a face mask company.

Check out photos of Post getting a new tattoo above.

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