Quality Control Is Developing A Horror Series Based On A Comic

Quality Control has solidified its dominance over the rap game over the past three years thanks to the success of acts like City Girls, Duke Deuce, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, and Migos, but the Atlanta-based label isn’t satisfied with just being hip-hop’s most successful label. Now, Coach and P have their sights set on Hollywood and won’t stop until they’ve tapped into every possible genre and form.

Not only do Lil Yachty and Migos have multiple projects coming down the pike, including Yachty’s heist comedy based on Uno and Quavo’s turn as a drug kingpin alongside Robert De Niro, but the label is also jumping into the horror genre soon, according to Deadline. The industry trade magazine reports Quality Control has partnered with Trioscope Studios in a co-production deal developing a TV series based on a graphic novel about the horrors of being Black in America.

Trioscope Studios is best known for its Netflix series The Liberator, a World War II drama using hybrid animation that blends CGI with live-action actors. The technique will be applied to QC’s upcoming series. The report doesn’t note exactly which horror comic will be adapted, but there’s no shortage of stories they could have chosen from, including The Ballad of Black Tom and The Box of Bones, while shows like HBO’s Lovecraft Country have proven that there’s certainly an appetite for more Black-focused horror-style work.